About Omar

My name is Omar Tohme, I’m 24 years old and been living in Ottawa for my whole life. I’ve been doing UX/UI design for about 3 years now and been working with graphic design for over 8 years. I began self-teaching myself how to use Photoshop CS4 when I was 14 and my passion continued to grow over the years until I decided to take the Mobile Application Design and Development program at Algonquin college which I will be graduating from in a couple of weeks. My passion for clean design and modern UX is unrivalled, I’ve been interested in this field for the longest time.

I was taught that UX is the experience someone has with the product from start to finish and I aim to make that whole experience as easy as possible. During my time at Algonquin we learned the ins and outs of front end developing by learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript and we continued on by learning languages like C#, Java, JQuery, Angular JS, PHP, C++ but even with all these coding classes my passion always lied with designing UX/UI. My favorite tools are Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, with a lot of experience with the other adobe products like Xd and Dreamweaver. If given the opportunity I would try my best to bring everything you guys need from a designer and make sure to continue learning every day.p1